Environmental Systems: Part 1

December 30, 2009

Environmental Systems with Ben Uyeda was a class that encouraged a do-it-yourself kind of learning. We learned the fundamentals of environmental system design in architecture.  Our first project was to film a youtube video that could be used to teach “lay-people” about a specific idea in the vast world of sustainability.  It was a group project, and I worked with Christine Nasir on a film that challenged the general conceptions of sustainability through the age-old battle of the Prius vs. the Hummer.  We wanted to do some stop motion, but because we were pressed for time, and because neither of us drive, we had to be creative.  We chose an approach that was a bit unorthodox, and very cheesy, but one that was short enough that we could pull it off without being annoying.  Plus we used some good music.  But really, who doesn’t like cheesy?

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