I am John Martin, a former architecture and philosophy student at Northeastern University and current farmer, adventurer, and mad-scientist at Hawkshead Farm in Connecticut.

I graduated from the architecture program at Northeastern in May, 2010. As an architecture student, most of my time was spent in the studio, but I did manage to escape long enough to be apart of Northeastern’s Engineers Without Borders, which was, in a way, the mistress equivalent to my married life in architecture. While living in Boston, I was lucky enough to work at Perry and Radford Architects in Cambridge for six months, and at Machado Silvetti Associates in Boston for a year.

I love to work on projects, and because I have a wide range of interests, I often have more things happening than than is generally healthy. I play music, I take photos, I read everything, I watch Hindi movies, I work on the farm, I fix motorcycles (sort-of), I travel, I make art, and I love all of it.




Skype: johngmartin1

Email: johngmartin@gmail.com

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