Goa and a Wedding

February 3, 2011

Goa is not quite like the rest of India. In Goa, the girls wear bikinis, everyone goes to mass on Sundays, and international restaurants outnumber Indian ones. This is in part because of the Portuguese rule for 450 years, which slowly converted the culture away from its roots to a more European flavor. Most Goans have Portuguese last names and learn Portuguese in school, and many live part-time abroad in Europe. Any culture that remained after Goa’s independence from Portugal in 1961 was then diluted further by the arrival of the hippies and party scene in the 60s and 70s. And now today, Goan culture is under siege by massive pressure from tourism and the western world.

My love for Goa began with a wedding. And not just any wedding, it was the wedding of Smriti and Ayush. The time energy the two of them put into it paid off. It was beautifully done, with excellent vegetarian food (much to Sunny’s annoyance), a sunset pheras, and plenty of dancing, partying, and making new friendships.

Enjoy the photos.

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