CB350: Part 1

September 6, 2010

So, after weeks of cleaning, organizing, preparing, and mostly doing other stuff, the work on the bike has begun! As you know, the list of obstacles that need to be overcome include: a seized engine, stuck brake lines, no keys for the locks, bad carburetors, bad tires, misaligned shocks, and general rust. And these are the things I know of right now; As work progresses, I am sure more issues will present themselves.

So, first things first. I need to get it running. That means freeing the pistons, which involves taking the entire engine block off the frame, pulling it apart, cleaning it, and perhaps boring out a few millimeters from the engine wall. Currently, I am in the process of taking the engine off the frame, which so far has been quite the adventure. It is of course complicated by all of the things that are blocking its departure, like the gas tank, the foot pedal frame and the exhaust pipes. But it is only a matter of time.

Needless to say, I could not be happier.

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