“The Secret of Secrets”

December 31, 2009

“The Secret of Secrets” by Sant Darshan Singh is a spectacular book recommended to me by my roommate, Raji.  It is a bit tricky to find, but you can find it with a bit of digging on amazon or barnes and noble.  I wouldn’t normally post about books, but since this one is both obscure and amazing, I thought I should put it out there.

It is a great book for people who have a basic understanding of eastern spirituality and religions, but who want to get a bit deeper into it.  The book takes a slightly unorthodox structure; instead of drawing out topics through flowing chapters, Darshan Singh instead focuses on a particular issue for each chapter.  I find that this style makes for a more logical and easier read.

One Response to ““The Secret of Secrets””

  1. The Secret Says:

    Scientists and skeptics deny the existence of the law of attraction.

    If you have done any reading on the subject then you have heard
    it all before. They say that thoughts have no energy and no effect
    on the “outside” world.

    For the people who are in the crossroads and don’t know what
    to believe then this is especially for you. There exists an invisible
    bridge that will provide a path into the world of attraction.

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