Gingerbread House

December 28, 2009

A true gingerbread house is not just a product of sweets, warmth, and friends, but also of talent, inventiveness, and raw courage.  Realizing that we had none of the latter, a few friends and I decided to embark on a journey that would attempt to prove our worth to gingerbread community.

Beginning with just a single idea and a glimmer of hope, Nirav Patel, Meg Blake, Peter Martin, and I set off to create a gingerbread house that we could be proud of; one that would solidify our place in the holiday season.  It all went downhill from there.

We made the gingerbread from scratch and cut the pieces with only a rough understanding on how it would go together.  After baking them and finding that gingerbread grows quite a bit in the oven, we had to do some “touch-ups” to get it all within the same ballpark.  After that, the tricky part was getting the floating “T” piece to actually float.  With the help of some toothpicks for support and some extra-thick homemade frosting for glue, we managed to convince it to stay still. The rest Meg came through in the end with some spectacular decoration work that hid all of the disasters that were caused by Nirav’s and my excitement.

Somehow, after a few evenings of hard work and some perseverance, we built something we were proud of, even if it did lack some of the finer qualities found in most gingerbread houses.

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